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Clean & Healthy Boiler – Profitable Plant

Keeping your boiler clean and trouble-free has become easier and more affordable!

LeonPulse Ltd  Presents Soot Gone™ -   
a New Type of Online Detonation Soot Cleaning Device

Developed with “fresh eyes” and “from  scratch” Soot Gone™ is an ideal system for removing fouling (soot, ash, slag) accumulated in boilers, furnaces, heaters, incinerators, etc.  in broad spectrum of industries: 

  • power plants (combustion of oil, shale, coal, biomass, wood fired power plants etc.)

  • waste-to-energy plants (chemical, municipal, medical waste incineration)

  • chemical and petrochemical industry

  • cement and lime plants

  • pulp mills burning black liquor

What Makes Soot Gone™ Stand Out:

  • maximal cleaning efficiency;

  • operation with low pressurized gases - no need in compressors or high-pressure gas cylinders;

  • low-cost maintenance: no moving parts - minimal wear and tear;    

  • compact and adaptable - can be installed in hard-to-reach places;

  • simple and cheap to install and operate compared to other alternatives.  

As a result, cleaning costs are significantly reduced and uptime, as well as boiler efficiency and capacity, are increased.

Install Soot Gone™ to Avoid:

  • unscheduled shutdowns, especially for boilers cleaning;

  • engaging contractors for regular online or offline cleaning;

  • maintenance of obsolete cleaning devices (like steam soot blowers);

  • corrosion and erosion of boiler tubes caused by steam soot blowers;

  • storage of spare parts for cleaning devices in a warehouse.

How it Works:

1.Gas-air mixture formed by Flame Front Generator (FFG) fills pulse generator (PG) via conduit pipes of small diameters.

2.Flame Front propagating through the conduit pipes acts as a piston, which compresses the gas-air mixture in PG, simultaneously igniting it. 

3.Generated by a PG, a detonation wave of low mass and high velocity directed inside the boiler (heater), expands omnidirectionally,  and blows off the fouling.

Low mass and high velocity of the pulse wave generated by controlled detonation is the secret sauce of our safe and efficient device.

SootGone™ system is similar to an octopus which
has one head  and numerous tentacles. 

It presents one controlling head - FFG  and numerous 
pulse generators . 

FFG is equipped with all necessary control and instrumentation with PLC system monitoring, PROFIBUS/MODBUS compatible, and is capable of activating several PGs one by one consequently.

LeonPulse ltd. is the originator and patent holder  of Soot Gone™.

Our efficient, low-volume and personnel-safe device will help you keep your boiler clean and running at full capacity  without disruption or downtime.

Immediate Payback:

  • prevention of unplanned shutdowns;

  • increase in boiler capacity and efficiency;

  • significant reduction in maintenance work;

  • reduction of emissions.

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Leonid Lushkevich , CEO
Heat and Power Engineer, M.S


Leonid Lushkevich



online soot,ash,slag cleaning boiler.jpg

easy in installation

 and operation


small footprint

soot cleaning boiler online.jpg

can be installed in hard-to–reach places



 animal waste incinerator

Soot Gone operation.png

Pulse Generator creates a
pulse wave that propagates
inside  the boiler

one FFG controlling 7 PGs Soot Gone

one FFG controlling 7 PGs


fully automated control,

ICL Bromine

Soot Gone Ecosol 2023_edited.jpg

waste-to-energy plant,

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