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Leonid Lushkevich

Developer of an innovative online detonation cleaning device - SootGone™. Founder, Owner, and CEO at LeonPulse Ltd.

February 12, 2023

How do You Keep the Boiler Clean from Soot, Slag,
and Ash Deposits?

   The best way to avoid a problem is to anticipate and predict its occurrence.
So, the right time to think about on-line cleaning of boilers is before a serious problem arises.
When you design or order a new boiler that will run on “dirty fuel”, you should take into account that you will encounter a serious challenge of dealing with fouling accumulation  inside the boiler - a phenomenon leading to known problems up to unplanned boiler shutdowns.
   At a stage of boiler design, it is possible to predict problem areas of bridging and fouling accumulation. These are places of increased aerodynamic drag, such as sharp turns of flue gases, tube banks of economizers, superheaters, air preheaters, evaporators, selective catalytic reduction assemblies or stagnant zones in hoppers, corners, etc. 
   All of the above makes it clear that it is necessary to think in advance about the ways and methods of cleaning from fouling deposits.
   The easier, safer and more profitable way is to design openings in these problematic zones of the boiler in advance.
   This will allow the maintenance personnel to somehow clean these places manually. However, it is best to install detonation cleaning devices on these ports, which will solve this problem forever. In any case, these openings are much cheaper and easier to make during the construction of the boiler and before its installation on site than to be burdened with shutting down the boiler, erection of scaffolding, and running NDT and hydro tests after welding works.
   If your boiler is already in operation and you want a significantly less expensive way to rid your boiler from fouling deposits, you can install compact (small-sized) detonation pulse generators on the existing manholes or instead of steam or air soot blowers. 
   Detonation cleaning devices were not very popular in the recent past due to their high cost, but recently their affordability has been increasing rapidly.  
   We can recommend that you consider using the innovative high-tech system developed and patented by our team, the SootGone detonation cleaning device. You'll get an immediate payback as our system is as efficient in cleaning as other detonation devices, but is more reliable,and is able to operate with any combustible gasses of low pressure, virtually maintenance free and has a much lower capital cost.

The recommended areas for soot cleaning devices - permanent installation on the boiler.

Boiler with Soot Gone LEON PULSE.png
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