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Our commitment is to apply our pulse technology to address effectively, efficiency and economically

LeonPulse — Creativity & Innovation

LeonPulse is a team of creative engineers from different countries with experience in different fields. We are committed to applying our impulse technology to effectively, efficiently and cost-effectively solve some of the most complex and persistent problems faced by large industrial plants.


Although LeonPulse members have their own specialties in chemical, industrial and electrical engineering, they share an interdisciplinary approach with a strong belief that solutions will be simple and straightforward.

LeonPulse's goal is to accomplish this task, not to create a complex and expensive solution.


LeonPulse is a pure play technology provider – committed to using pulse technology to solve a variety of engineering dilemmas. Active soot cleaning of industrial boilers and heaters used in refineries, power generation and waste to energy plants is one of such problems.


Pulse technology is not “rocket science”, yet it has been overlooked for years by industrial suppliers who prefer more complex and expensive solutions with low cleaning efficiency. Today, belatedly, “detonation” solutions are beginning to appear.


Soot Gone™ by LeonPulse provides a non-disruptive, high velocity omni-directional harmless wave that removes slag from heat transfer surfaces of the boilers and other equipment. Slag and ash simply fall off.

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