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Leonid Lushkevich

Developer of an innovative online detonation cleaning device - SootGone™. Founder, Owner, and CEO at LeonPulseLtd.

October 30,2022

Innovative Detonation On-Line Boiler Cleaning System - SootGone™

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In the current energy crisis, when plants are forced to combust various types of “dirty fuels”: biomass, waste, solid fossil and liquid fuels instead of natural gas, the task of efficient boiler cleaning from fouling has become extremely relevant.

Leonpulse ltd has developed and patented an affordable and effective device for cleaning boilers and incinerators from ash, soot, and slag - Soot
The main highlight of Soot Gone™ is the use of aerodynamic forces to provide high dynamic pressure instead of using compressors or high-pressure gas cylinders. 
The SootGone™ system operates with low pressure gases and does not have pistons, sealings, and moving parts. Therefore, there is no wear which ensures high reliability and low maintenance costs.

Unlike steam soot blowers, there is no need to keep a huge amount of spare parts in stock, the cost of which can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The detonation wave with tremendous velocity and high temperature spreads its power omnidirectionally on the heat transfer surfaces of the boiler, penetrating deeply through the entire tube bundle assembly and causing different sedimentations to fall or fly off.

This is the basis for the high efficiency of detonation cleaning.

In addition to evaporators, economizers, superheaters, and air pre-heaters, SootGone™ is efficient in cleaning hoppers, flue gases ducts, chimneys, etc.
SootGone™ generates hot and dry supersonic waves, so it can be used to keep surfaces clean from various powder deposits such as pigments, additives, cement, lime, etc., where moisture is unacceptable.

The SootGone™ system can be used in corrosive environments as well.

Moreover, SootGone™ is compact, flexible, and easy to install, therefore it can be installed in hard-to-reach places.

The SootGone™ system is also affordable to medium and small businesses like incinerators or district heat supply systems due to its low capital, maintenance, and operating costs.

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